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December 1, 2011

Decision Time

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I go back and forth on thus; do I have too much stuff or not enough storage? Most likely because we are a hoarding society the former. If you are living alone then the decision becomes quite easy, but what if your partner or family just won’t part. You know, “I may need that someday…”. There are a few options for a price.Rent a storage locker that starts off at $1 for first month and then once you have broken your back to get in there they hit you with 15-20% increases. Come to think of it what business gets away with such thievery and we the consumer do nothing about it. It is not as easy as canceling HBO and restarting a few months latter. You have to move this stuff! Another option if you have a garage is garage storage, particularly overhead storage. For a one time fee of around $350 installed you will have enough space to gold 115 cu ft of stuff and never worry about a rate increase! And when you family finally needs it!…it is right in the garage. Sounds like an easy decision to me.

May 10, 2011

10 Ways to Stretch Space to Improve Home Organization

From one of my favorite blogs. –

When it comes to home organization, it takes two things to make it happen:  1)  Decrease the amount of stuff that you have.  2)  Increase your storage space.  Sometimes you have to be a little bit creative when it comes to stretching your space, look up, look down, look all around!  If you need a little bit of help, here are 10 ways to stretch your space:

1)  Look up and use the ceiling such as with this great overhead storage unit for the garage.  Stuff over, car under.


2)  Use hooks on the wall to maximize storage.  Great for garden tools like shovels & rakes in the garage!

3)  Use available space under your bed.  A storage container with wheels and tight fitting lid is ideal.

4)  Use wall space, walls are a blank canvas waiting for shelves & hooks!

5)  Use organizing products. The options abound!

6)  Use wall racks to increase storage-especially great in garages!

7)  Look for overlooked areas that you can use for storage:  washing-machine-wire-shelf-amazon1

8)  Use doors-another blank canvas waiting for hooks.  You can even purchase hooks that just slide over the top of the door.  No nails, no holes but a place for your towels or robes!

9) Take advantage of height or stacking.

stackable-shoe-shelf110) Part with some of your stuff-send it off to another room or even off to another person or charity!


Make decisions on what to keep, let go of the excess and then use any or all of these tips to stretch the space that you do have!

May 4, 2011

Garage Flooring

There are all kinds of solutions to the Garage Floor, but the most versatile and inexpensive solution is tiles for the floor.  The leader in the industry is Race Deck, outfitting thousands of garages with colorful patterns and designs.  Knock off products have come on the market and while they are not as thick and rigid as Race Deck they have plenty of strength for a residential garage. There are several advantages of tile flooring over epoxy or painted floors. For starters you can always take the tiles with you if you were to move.  If you are a renter and do not want to pay for the owner to have an epoxy floor, tiles are a perfect solution.  Next, if you ever have a damaged tile, just pop it out and put a new one in, approximately a 5 minute job!  Third, no toxic fumes or smells.  Finally, you can have the floor completed and ready to park on the same day. If you are feeling a bit creative go ahead and have some custom tiles made with any graphic you can find.  For a few more dollars you can have your face on the garage floor!!  If you are looking for inexpensive flooring at less than $2 sq/ft see the guys at DIY Garage Storage

September 27, 2010

The Flat Head

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It always amazes me how much longer projects take then the time estimated in the package or what you allocated. Case and point I am putting up new blinds for the windows. I was really happy when I opened the hardware and read the instructions: 2 brackets, 4 screws, no assembly, piece if cake! Wrong! The dreaded flat head machine screw…I for the life if me cannot understand the reason for the flat head. I am sure it was a great option when there were no options, but not today. It strips, it slips, it makes you bite your lip. Add to this an extremely tight area to put the bracket and you have frustration city. Couple things to take from this: 1. Tools tools tools. He who dies with the most tools wins. True!! 2. Professional installation is always better if the price is right. There has to be a perceived value. I always start with safety. If what you are installing is dangerous to you or others when installing or in the future I always lean toward the pros. Electrical and structural modifications come to mind. Example would be overhead garage storage that holds 700 lb over your car and kids. Unless you are in construction this is certainly not a DIY, no matter what they say. Give a call to Storage Overhead Solutions, a company that has installed over 26,000 units, for a professional installation.
By the way the blinds look great despite my lost love for the Flat Head.

September 8, 2010

Who is Murphy?

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Who is this Murphy law character and why does he always follow us when we DIY or DIO do it ourself. This weekend I installed a new toilet, do not ask! First trip to hardware store for plaster of Paris to place under toilet to make level. Ok I can understand but why not put that on front of box: tools and materials needed. Then of course the second trip was the water line was two inches short. But the topper of them all was the toilet seat that came with the toilet does not stay up. Really??? Come on American Standard the little things. Yes I bought because the box claims it can flush a basket of golf balls (not convinced) but the seat has got to work!

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