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August 8, 2010

Airport Security

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Why is it that airport security is not consistent? This weekend I forgot to take my toiletries out and as it went thru x ray I cringed that I was going to get the full search. Nope! What? Ok…the airport I came back from this time I remembered and I am thankful as I saw some who forgot getting the shakedown. Consistency is needed in our everyday dealings as we have become a society of tight rules and over regulation. Inconsistency leads to stressful days. It seems like this is one the govt. could get correct. I guess not!

July 27, 2010

Adjusting to New Hours

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I have just moved and now adjusting to my new schedule. Quite a dramatic change from leaving anytime in the morning for twenty minute bus ride to 90 minute scheduled train ride. Oh yeah and waking up at 5:15! So how have I made adjustments. Waking up is the hardest part but when the alternative to missing my express train is adding another 35 minutes motivation kicks in. The key is to get organized the night before. Contacts for morning out, shirt and pants selected, bag packed, keys and wallet where I expect them to be, and iPhone charged. This allows me to sleep in a bit longer and not be thinking about it all night. Oh and we have a four month old! All aboard!

July 26, 2010

Getting Organized When Unpacking

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I just had an experience of going thru boxes packed and stored seven years ago in my garage. When going thru the boxes and weeding out I found it useful to make piles based on keeping out, removing, donating and garbage. Also these were packed in boxes and some mice scratched the box to where dust and dirt got in the box, not to mention smell. Definitely switching to plastic totes on repack and garage storage. Next up storage overhead units purchased from to hold the totes and keep away from rodents. It is all coming together.

June 29, 2010

Off Site Storage Can Add Up

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Ouch!! I just had a rude awakening. Thanks to on-line banking and the vast improvements they have made, I accidentally(and I mean accidentally) clicked on the total paid to my mini-storage for the last three years. Now you see I would rather be in denial then to know I paid over 4K the last three years to store about $800 worth of goods. Boy do I feel stupid! For about 1K I could have put in Overhead Storage and Wall Shelves in my garage and would have paid them off in less then 7 months. Outfits like do full service installs of garage storage in WA, OR, TX and CA for a very good price.  They carry brands such as Ultimate Garage, Slide Lok and New Age for cabinets. Well my stuff is now in the garage and I do not have to drive to get it so I am feeling like I am helping our planet just a little more.

February 23, 2010

Balancing Act

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If you throw your belongings in a heap on the floor, you risk being labeled a slob. If you alphabetize the spices in your cupboard, you’ve probably been accused of being obsessive compulsive. Most of us probably find ourselves somewhere in between those extremes when it comes to organization. Personally, I slide back and forth along the continuum. I go from one mild extreme to another as a function of what’s going on in my life. Unfortunately for my wife, I have come to realize that my level of organization is inversely related to the state of my psyche.

I don’t want to come-off as a soft, 80’s guy, but how I am feeling definitely affects how much effort I put into maintaining order in my physical world. If I feel emotionally content, I tend to be relaxed about my schedule and accept the clutter that seems to naturally follow having three young children. If I am feeling anxious about work or a relationship, I crave a structured schedule and finding toys strewn across the family room makes me bonkers.

There is little doubt that a mental health professional would say it is a function of control. I would not consider myself a control-freak (who does, right?), but it is pretty clear that when I feel parts of my life are out of control, I compensate by controlling things that are within my control. For example, I recently changed jobs. The change is one that involves risk and a high level of uncertainty. Almost on cue, I found myself purging files, organizing closets, and generally cleaning like a mad man. There is definitely an element of distraction in those activities. If I am cleaning and organizing, I can’t obsessively second-guess my decision. However, I believe there is more to it than distraction.

I believe there is a general sense of well-being that comes from having a certain level of order my world. Living in a clean, tidy space feels civilized. It’s healthy, we know where to find things, and we’re comfortable having people visit our homes. But beyond feeling civilized, eliminating physical clutter eliminates mental clutter for me. A stack of unfiled / unshredded documents takes up space on my desk AND in my head. The sooner I process the paperwork, the sooner the task list in my head shrinks.

February 3, 2010

Garage Makeover Pleasanton, CA

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Slat Wall or Slot Wall as some are calling it provides a great resource for, not only adding storage to your garage, but transforming the look and feel of the garage.  This particular garage was built in the 1960’s and had exposed studs and no drywall. The owner was looking to not only add much needed storage, but also to brighten up the area. By using a brighter maple color slat wall manufactured by Handi Solutions it not only brightened up the area but it also provided  storage and hid all of the piping and wires between the studs.

October 19, 2009


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Welcome to the “That’s My Garage!” Blog.  This blog will not only be a place to showcase and share ideas about transforming your garage, but also a place to share ideas about transforming our lives .  The garage is usually the last place in the house to get attention, but often the first place in the house people see.  Our daily life can often be compared to our garage.  While garages are a great resource for staying organized, they can also be a place to put things we just do not have time to deal with.  So this blog will have a nice blend of ideas to help take back our garage and take back our lives.

It is time we gave the garage the attention it deserves! Garages have feeling too…Come back often to see new posts from people who have transformed their garages and their lives. Enjoy!

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