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December 1, 2011

Decision Time

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I go back and forth on thus; do I have too much stuff or not enough storage? Most likely because we are a hoarding society the former. If you are living alone then the decision becomes quite easy, but what if your partner or family just won’t part. You know, “I may need that someday…”. There are a few options for a price.Rent a storage locker that starts off at $1 for first month and then once you have broken your back to get in there they hit you with 15-20% increases. Come to think of it what business gets away with such thievery and we the consumer do nothing about it. It is not as easy as canceling HBO and restarting a few months latter. You have to move this stuff! Another option if you have a garage is garage storage, particularly overhead storage. For a one time fee of around $350 installed you will have enough space to gold 115 cu ft of stuff and never worry about a rate increase! And when you family finally needs it!…it is right in the garage. Sounds like an easy decision to me.


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