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June 29, 2010

Off Site Storage Can Add Up

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Ouch!! I just had a rude awakening. Thanks to on-line banking and the vast improvements they have made, I accidentally(and I mean accidentally) clicked on the total paid to my mini-storage for the last three years. Now you see I would rather be in denial then to know I paid over 4K the last three years to store about $800 worth of goods. Boy do I feel stupid! For about 1K I could have put in Overhead Storage and Wall Shelves in my garage and would have paid them off in less then 7 months. Outfits like do full service installs of garage storage in WA, OR, TX and CA for a very good price.  They carry brands such as Ultimate Garage, Slide Lok and New Age for cabinets. Well my stuff is now in the garage and I do not have to drive to get it so I am feeling like I am helping our planet just a little more.

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